Yeah, that’s for Marissa :).You know, a lot of people has already heard about you, they know who I’m writing about :*
Well,I’ll start.I want to write, that you’re on of the coolest people I’ve ever met.We haven’t met in the ,,real” life(but we have to !!!!!!).I feel so much better when I write to you.You always cheer me up when I need it :)
I always wanted to write here something about you :).
Hmm…I think I don’t have to write more :)We know each other very well, you know what I’d like to tell you :)
Thank you for beeing with me once again :*!!!!!!!!
Kinia for her lovely Marissa :*
[ message wouldn't be normal, if I didn't write....->say HI to Jesse !] HAHAHA :D.