Różne rzeczy czytałam, ale fragment owianego już sławą,, Do you wanna fuck? ” to przegięcie -_-’

We have kissin’ , tongue kissin’
Nothings missin’
I touch your pussy
You are moaning n’ I wishin’
That I rip your panties off on the bed, in the room
That I’m acting real though and feel my head with your perfume
(Boom Flav) Girl tell me how, Human is to make me feel so horny and hot now
Allow me to satisfy you and your fantasy
Is it anything that you want nice if you Imagine me
What you want ? How you want it ? What to like?
I would take you to heaven in our bed room fight
Is it a first class flight, we taking off to night
And we ain’t landing until we see that sunshine light
Is aight if you want me to slow me down (What the fuck? )
But I wanna beat that pussy up and down all around
Make them sounds
That will disturb my neighboors
But fuck that shit they’ll know Byz the pussy Xavier
And then she ask me

Może nie tragiczne, ale po prostu…No nie no, słów brak :)